The multifaceted application of Travertine

The harmonization and celebration of a historic stone. Our Roman Travertine enhances modern installations and designs around the globe. Explore our services.

The most precious asset


Interior Design


For all types of projects

The timeless stone

From Ancient Rome to the present day.

The lapis tiburtinis, as the Romans called it, still preserves its architectural quality and value. This material covers the entire history of Italian architecture, from the Renaissance through the Baroque up to the present day. The use of Travertine in important architectural applications achieves a synthesis between beauty and functionality that few other materials provide.

A flexible material

Travertine suits every interior.

Nowadays, Travertine is used for many different applications, from classic to modern styles. The countless combinations of variants and finishes suit a wide variety of design trends, while its features give it strength and durability. More and more professionals have been relying on this material suitable for flooring, wall cladding, and decorative purposes. Thanks to specific processing operations, Travertine provides brightness, impermeability, and a natural style to the environment.

Details make the difference

Timeless elegance with our Travertine.

The colors, natural characteristics, and unique properties make Travertine one of the most preferred solutions in interior design and finishing applications. This water-repellent stone is exceptional for decorating bathrooms or swimming pools. Besides, its heat-resistance and wear-resistance make it a go-to material for lining fireplaces. It is also an ideal choice for stair cladding to create aesthetic solutions with timeless elegance.

How it works.

The step-by-step process.


Pre-Project Planning

The first step is to analyze the technical and aesthetic characteristics of the project and help customers select the material.


Choice of materials

The studies of the project are combined with experience and knowledge that allow a thorough search of the required materials to suit every need.


Transport and Logistics

Modern packaging systems, advanced logistics, and safe cargo handling and transport operations help prevent damage to the material.

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