About me

My passion. My life. My job.

Talking about yourself is never easy, especially when you have so many things to say. On this page you will not find any list of my academic achievements and accomplishments. All I want to do is tell you about me, my reality, and my story.

Business. Father. Dreamer.

Who am I? It is not easy to explain. I am a multifaceted person. With around 175,000 miles traveled per year, I am an entrepreneur and I have contributed to the implementation of important projects around the world.

However, there is a man behind the entrepreneur. A father of three children, a son, and a brother. I consider myself extremely lucky that I was born into a wonderful family and named after my grandfather, the founder of the Caucci Group. He taught me the importance of work values and ethics by first making me experience the life of a quarry worker and then giving me the chance to study abroad. I would not be the enterpreneur and the person I am today without him.

My Story

My Legacy and the Importance of Failure

I am aware that inheriting a prestigious and world-renowned brand is a huge responsibility. With humility and love for this work and this stone, I will continue to honor my family’s work and develop our knowledge of international markets.

It would be too easy to talk about my accomplishments. I would rather talk about failure. Everyone fails. I have failed several times both in private and work life. The true strength is to admit defeat and get right back up. Failures have helped me become a successful entrepreneur and man.

About Me

My Philosophy

My way of conceiving business is the result of my grandfather’s and father’s wise lessons, foresight, and experience.

All my experience, studies and efforts are available to satisfy all customers’ needs. My mission is to carry out important projects all over the world by promoting the uniqueness, quality, and history of Roman Travertine.
As manager of a young company with a long tradition, I am aware that ambition is a key feature to become a real world leader. We believe in our values, in our work, in our materials. With belief, confidence and trust in yourself and those around you, there are no limits.
Humility, love and commitment have been the driving forces behind my success. I believe that the real strength lies in teamwork, customer care, and reliability.
All my efforts aim to develop and enhance our brand by paying constant attention to the quality of work and human relationships.